Monday, November 21, 2011

Two Can Eat As Cheaply As One!

Il Bistro. a local Italian restaurant, is a bit pricey for my pocketbook right now, but I was still able to enjoy some of their great cuisine. Tonight my husband and I split an order of Eggplant Parmesan, with a side of their famous Artichoke Soup. I ordered it as carry-out ~ cost was about $15. It was pretty good!

However, the greater portion of our meal was a salad we prepared at home with what was in the fridge ~ combining red cabbage, ice berg lettuce, spinach, sliced carrots and cilantro.

The combination was just right. I felt we had a bit of the luxury of fine restaurant dining, but kept it in balance with all the nutrients and fiber in the salad. The salad factor made the meal much more affordable, and healthier.
The assumption people often make in our "all or nothing" belief system, is that they can't enjoy a little luxury until they can afford it all, or until they're ten pounds lighter.

But that's not the case, because we really don't need as much as we think we do!

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