Friday, November 11, 2011

Eating Well Doesn't Have to Be Expensive!

Buying organic can be nearly double the cost of non-organic produce. In these tough times, you might easily say it's a  no-brainer to buy what's cheapest.

But when it comes to food, don't let cost always be your bottom line when you're deciding what to buy. As I've said before, the average American wastes 40 percent of the food that they purchase. As an example, it's been my experience that when I buy a pound of non-organic strawberries (about $3), half of them develop mold before I can use them up.

So this morning, I bought a 9 oz package or organic strawberries for $5. But here's my rationale: I'll use those strawberries because I paid a premium for them. But more importantly, I'll savor eating them because they are actually RED on the inside ~ not white!

That also makes me conscious of not buying more than I will use, unless it's in a can or I can freeze it.

Just some extra thought and planning is money in the bank!

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Jennifer Kettlewell said...

I have found that our family is returning to shopping more frequently and buying less. In the end we consume what is purchased, because it is in smaller quantities.

We are buying mostly fresh produce, so we shop about three times a week. It may sound like we are always at the store; however, in our not so distant past people had to shop every day...thank goodness for refrigerators. :-)