Friday, November 4, 2011

The Apple ~ Your Re-set Button for Healthy Eating

I've been eating an apple every day for awhile now.

There's so much impressive information out there about the health benefits they offer, it made sense that that daily investment might pay dividends. I've also tried to engage other people to do the same.

What I've gathered from random comments is that it's well worth the effort. First of all, apples reduce cravings for foods that aren't so good. They're packed with nutrients and enzymes that help bring balance to that chemical "soup" we call our bodies.

I find that when I've eaten an apple at some point during the day, it's much easier for me to pass up one of my biggest temptations: salt and vinegar potato chips! I'm not then drawn to sample a piece of fudge, or to buy a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

When we crave something, it's usually because we've got some imbalance going on. Unfortunately, generally what we crave only escalates rather than satisfies. (Eating salt and vinegar chips only makes me want more!)

But eating an apple is like hitting a "re-set" button that causes me to feel more centered; more in balance ~ not driven to satisfy cravings.

It makes healthy food choices for that one day so much easier. After all, one day at a time is all we ever have to worry about.

Try it for a few days and share your comments. I'd love the feedback!

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Trace said...

I try to eat apples as a my go to snack each day. The small gala apples are less than 100 calories and be slicing and eating them slowly I can make it through the morning or afternoon with no problem.