Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Vibrations

I tossed the bag of Ruffles potato chips I bought tonight.

Not sure why I picked them up after many many months of never buying that genre of stacks, but I think it had something to do with my frequency channel. (No, not as in "ham radio"!)

I've been reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem." Very insightful, because, in a nutshell, he concludes that our problems coincide with our energy frequency.

Mine was rather low today ~ I tried to cram too much into one afternoon, and topped it all off with an irritating phone conversation that pushed my delicate ego buttons.

Dr. Dyer says low energy frequencies resonate with and attract other low, dense frequencies ~ something that over the long term can translate into mental or physical illness. Of course, we're just talking one choice here: Ruffles potato chips.

But for folks who are less aware of what's driving their eating behavior, it's simply a marker on a path strewn with other low-frequency food choices. So when your depressed, which is going to appeal to you the most: celery sticks or brownies?

Had my telephone chat been more positive, and had I taken a few moments now and again over the course of the afternoon to just relax, I wouldn't have even walked down that snack aisle. Instead, I headed right for it.

I knew what was going on, and after chip number ten or twelve, I opened the garbage can and threw the rest away ~ knowning that bag would be otherwise be empty by dinner time.

That alone boosted my energy frequency up a notch.

I had made a clear choice.

A sliced pear sounded pretty good!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awareness Trumps Knowledge When It Comes to Eating Well

I'm intrigued with the realization that awareness of our needs can guide our choices more accurately than knowledge.

More simply, I wasn't feeling that great last night after I had a meal of albacore tacos, rice and beans, PRECEDED by a plate of fried calamari. I didn't have to add it all up to understand intuitively what my body had to say about it. It was seeking a cleanse, so I settled on an apple and some lemon water before I went to bed. Fortunately, it helped.

Granted, this was a special occasion. My husband and I were trying out a new restaurant ~ and we love calamari. It's the only fried food I ever eat, so we ordered a plate of it. But when we left, I found I didn't have that familiar sense of well-being I associated with eating lighter in the evenings.

So tonight, while my husband enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup, I checked in with my stomach and opted instead for a sliced pear and some ginger tea.

So what does that suggest about abstinence? Absolutely nothing!

I'll go back and have albacore tuna tacos, but next time, I'll split the order with someone else (there's two to an order), and I won't have calamari, too. Or, I'll just order the calamari and a side salad, and bring several people with me to share the appetizer plate.

Because the deal is, it's never "all or nothing." We get ourselves into big trouble that way because we end up thinking the choices we made were wrong.

But every choice has a consequence. It's as simple as that. It's not a judgment or a punishment, and it's not good or bad. It's just what happens!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eating Patterns for Our Times

These are complicated times.

For that reason, we're all seeking some simplicity. My belief is that if you can simplify eating,  other things become simpler, as well.

Just consider how much money you might be spending on food you don't need, or fixing meals that aren't that good for you. We do that without thinking while our minds are preoccupied with a roster of problems and worries.

We chomp on chips, cookies, crackers  ~ or anything that's handy when we decide we absolutely need something to eat. The question that often remains, however, is "what are we really hungry for?"

For a long time I enjoyed the pacifying, sedating effects of sugar, fat or salt when I was  feeling anxious or stressed. But now that I've incorporated heathy, fiberious fruts and vegetalbles into my day ~ specifically the apple ~ I'm feeling a lightness and a heightened sense of being. But here's the key ~ it's easier to know when I'm hungry, and define what I'm hungry for.

What this means is if you focus on getting enough of the good stuff, you won't be inclined to eat the bad stuff.

I have to say it's liberating to eat lightly, but to eat often.