Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Gratitude Can Reduce Those Cravings!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day ~ the day everyone gets a huge pass in their struggle with food. No need to be on guard against sugar, fat and salt this day. We all know we can indulge with full absolution!

But as human beings, we don't live by bread alone, to reference a biblical phrase. That's because hunger is not just physical. It's also emotional, and the relationships we hold dearest ideally offer connection at Thanksgiving, and that's what feeds our souls.

When those expectations fall short, as is the nature of relationships at one time or another, our recourse is to fill that void by over-eating. No right or wrong judgment here ~ it's what we do.

But there's another angle to consider ~ and that's our ability to nurture ourselves by connecting with our own hearts. We do that through gratitude. We do that by counting our blessings.

Tomorrow is a day to take stock ~ to be thankful for a meal on the table, and for those who sit down to share it with us.  We are thankful for the love that is shown to us by not counting unfulled wishes.

We fill our own hearts first, so we can love ourselves. It's from that source that we can then authentically share ourselves with others, understanding that those who seem emotionally unavailable to our needs are really simply lacking in their own level of self-love.

This is how we feed our emotional hunger. We nurture ourselves by expressing gratitude for what we've been given.

If we believe in our own worthiness to receive love ~ and EVERYONE is worthy ~ we won't look at food as our only source of comfort.

So as the turkey is carved, take a few minutes and count your blessings because there are many.

And then enjoy your meal  ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

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