Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gotta Love a Pantry!

I have to say the combo we put together tonight was SO good!

My husband had purchased some turkey sausage a couple of days ago, and since we hadn't frozen it, we decided we'd better use it.

I had some Spanish rice in the pantry, along with cans of diced tomatoes to draw from. I also had some cans of black beans. There was a head of iceberg lettuce in the fridge, along with some apples.

So I thought about what we could combine. I fixed the Spanish rice (tomatoes included), and then added some black beans for fiber to help offset the carbs in the rice. That was served up with about three ounces each of the turkey sausage. Then I cut a couple of wedges of iceberg lettuce, added some apple slices, again for fiber; and topped that with some balsalmic dressing.

I have to say it was all delicious, and it all came from my pantry except the turkey sausage and lettuce.

Having a pantry stocked with rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, beans and broths goes a long way when you're putting together a meal.

What I did was put some things together in proportions that I thought were balanced and healthy. You don't need a recipe for that!


Rosemary said...

Paula, we are experimenting with green tomatoes -- which I'm sure every gardener has right now. Any ideas? Rosemary

Paula Anderson said...


Aside from relishes, sauces and salsas... a recipe I've seen is to dip the green tomato slices in a beaten egg, and then in dried bread crumbs and then browned on a hot griddle ~ then layer those with red tomato slices and pepperjack cheese between two slices of bread (lightly buttered on each slice), and grill that! Yes, it's higher on the fat meter, but I doubt it's something you'd fix on a regular basis. Let me know how it turns out!