Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Company of Others

There's much to be said for dining with friends ~ particularly when it comes to eating out.

I think there's a certain tedium that can be present when you eat with the same person every night (as in husband or wife). Occasionally sitting down with another couple tends to elevate the whole experience, and everyone leaves the table a lot more satisfied.

I was struck by this the other night when my husband and I decided to go out for dinner after work, rather than go home. In my mind, it would be a "date" night. My husband of thirty years was probably looking at it as just eating somewhere else. Turns out, it was pretty much that.
Our conversation was predictable ~ he knew what my responses would be, and I, his.

So that meant that the food factor was pretty much the main event. It was certainly good enough ~ linguini mixed with salmon, capers and spinach. The problem was, there was too much of it. We were just ~ well ~ eating!

"Do you think it was worth $50?" my husband asked as we left.

"I think when we go out to eat, we should invite another couple," I replied.

He agreed.

Not to make a pun here, but we really weren't bringing anything new to this expensive table. Nurturing involves more than eating ~ it's feeding our souls, as well. The dynamic of sitting in the company of others adds that dimension, so it isn't all about the food.

Because if it's all about food, you'll only crave more of what you don't really want!

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Sheri said...

Your comment is so wise:

"Nurturing involves more than eating ~ it's feeding our souls, as well."

I agree. The food is just part of the nurturing experience.