Friday, February 18, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Anyone under 50 may not recognize these lyrics ~ they "date" me!

Basically, the message is that there are good days and bad days ~ and that's especially true when it comes to eating!

No matter what you're level of resolve, there will be days when you don't eat well. Under stress, we gravitate towards sugar, fat and salt ~ and there are plenty of offerings wherever we look. It happens, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're "off the wagon." You've just diverted your path a bit.

My very pregnant daughter-in-law commented her last several credit card charges were to McDonald's. Right now she's caring for her two daughers, ages 3 and 1, and waiting for baby number three, while her husband works overseas. She's been pretty careful about how she eats until recently ~ but its understandable that the whole eating equation looks very different right now.

The key here is awareness.

If you've had the opportunity to notice that eating some foods give you energy, and some foods take your energy away, you've made progress because your choices are clearer than when you never noticed.

When we never notice what we're really doing, our actions are mindless ~ whether it's eating, drinking, gambling, drugs ~ it doesn't matter.

We all know life can be better ~ no matter what our circumstances.

The key is to believe in your ability to choose ~ and to recognize those opportunities.

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