Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eat in Good Company ~ An Important Ingredient!

The power of dining together can't be denied.

Purposely sitting down with one or two people, or a table full of people ~ brings a dynamic the contributes in no small way to the health and nurturing of each person present.

That's what we're doing now on Tuesday nights over at Yoga West Collective. We bring a small dish to share ~ something healthy ~ and enjoy it in a spirit of ceremony. We take a moment to give thanks for the food we're going to eat, and the efforts and produce that went into preparing it.

What's interesting is we find we don't need to fill our stomachs to feel nourished. The setting is quiet and relaxing, and there's no contention or toxic comments (often not the case at the average family dinner table). No one leaves with a stomach ache!

There's a spirit of acceptance that assures everyone sitting down together that all sincere opinions are accepted and valued (often not the case at the average family dinner table).

So we find we're not craving more as we leave. Our hunger for food, validation and connection have been satisfed.

And that's a recipe for healthy bodies and healthy spirits!

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