Friday, February 25, 2011

We Don't Need That Much Food!

My friend and I had dinner the other night at a nice little Italian restaurant near Vail. There was a grilled zucchini dish with mozzarella and linguini on the menu, so we decided to order it.

But instead of each ordering that entree, we asked to split a single order.

Good choice, because it was a lot of food. That's typical in most restaurants. They give you big plates, and those plates are full ~ probably to justify the price.

This item was $13.50. Turns out, cut in half, the portion was just right. It also came with olives, hummus, and roasted garlic, and a bowl of warm grain bread. But I would have paid $10 or $11 for the same amount, rather than what turned out to be roughly $7.

My point is, I feel well served at a restaurant when I get a nutritious meal that isn't crawling off the plate. I want to finish it all and feel satisfied, but not stuffed!

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Pete said...

Restaurants produce huge source of food waste, and large entrees exacerbate the problem. But young people and athletes have significant calorie needs, often almost twice as much as your average American, and need those large entrees. I will sometimes order an entree and a half (or two) when eating out! If restaurants cut portion size, I worry that they wouldn't cut prices correspondingly. I would have to order two entrees at double the price.

How do we reduce waste but still feed folks like me?