Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

So does healthy eating mean you never again swing through McDonald's? Is chocolate cake forever off the menu for you?

I heard Rush Limbaugh this week criticize national food maven Michelle Obama for eating barbeque ribs!

If you're going to eat well, and not be in a constant state of vigilance, it can't be an "all or nothing" proposition. Culturally, we frame things that way. And it sets us up for failure.

The challenge is to be aware of your choices.

Maybe your day is packed, you forgot the sandwich you had wrapped the night before and placed in the fridge, and you only have a half hour to eat and get to a meeting. McDonald's can be the solution ~ just be aware of what you're ordering.

Eventhough most of my meals are prepared here at home using fresh stuff, tonight I experimented with Campbell's tomato soup. I combined a large can of it with a 14 oz can of diced tomatoes, a dash of garlic salt, and some dried basil. After it was good and hot, I topped it with some shaved Parmesan cheese. (If I had some fresh tomatoes, I would have used them ~ but they're out of season here so I don't buy them)

The soup was cheap and delicious. I won't be having it every night, but once in awhile it's an easy way to add more nutrients to a plain old can of tomato soup. A few slices of sauteed onion or scallions would have made it even better!

The point here is that you are mindful to make everything you eat as nutritious as you can. It's your body's fuel. Some meals will be better than others.

A keynote to help keep you on course is water. It's truly the elixir of life, and a constant reminder that simplicity should be the litmus for living well!

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