Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eating Is About Paying Attention

Geneen Roth says so well everything that I haven't about the importance of eating mindfully in her new book, "Women Food And God".

She basically says that eating is the arena where our issues present themselves, our feelings are strongest ~ and our opportunity for growth ever present. In her words: "How you eat tells all."

She firmly believes that most of us carry more guilt, shame, anger and sadness than we realize, and to numb that pain, food is a drug of choice.

For those who sample diet strategies to lose "ugly" pounds ~ dieting is never the answer.
That's why whatever we believe about ourselves in large part drives the decision to reach for a corn dog instead of an apple.

"Until the belief is understood and questioned, no amount of weight loss will touch the part of you that is convinced it is damaged," to quote Roth.

Amidst all this chatter about what to eat ~ it's really our feelings that drive our choices. Roth suggests they are valuable guideposts if we can pause long enough to recognize and honor them.


Lisa said...

I too have read Geneen's book and appreciate many of her insights. I believe connecting one bite with the end result of having had many, many bites of poor choices is difficult for my brain to comprehend in that mere moment.
Mindful bites to you today...

scolburn said...

Today I took Paula's new class "Mindful Eating" at Yoga West, and enjoyed it very much. Besides eating her delicious Crock Pot "Moroccan Stew" I enjoyed learning about eating as a more conscious daily practice. Paula shared intriguing ideas about paying attention, being present and mindful of what we eat and thus overriding the compulsions we may have that do not serve us well. By becoming more purposeful with foods we choose to nourish ourselves with, we can recognize emotions that drive how we respond to food and learn to eat foods that energize.
Eating dinner tonight, I focused more on my body by asking "does this give me energy?" Sara