Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Truly Are What You Eat

Tomorrow I'm going to take the content of what I've been writing about for months and present it in a series of workshops on "Mindful Eating" at Yoga West down on Main Street.

I realize that people know what they need to eat to be healthy. They've heard it all for years. So why don't they eat better? Why is obesity such an epidemic?

It's because we have a relationship with food ~ and if that relationship is an unhealthy one, we'll have unhealthy bodies, and unhappy souls. That's the case for lots and lots of people.

Is it hard to change? Yes. But it's not complicated. The solution is simple. Again I reference Geneen Roth's new book, "Women Food and God," when she says we hold onto this dysfunctional relationship because we don't know that we can live without it.

We're so tightly bound to the role we think we've been assigned, we assume we're stuck ~ and food temporarily adds a coziness to the situation. Of course, it doesn't last.

It can be very complex for many people ~ but there is a way out, and you can begin feeling better just a day or two into a new approach to eating.

She concludes: "Your eating isn't about lack of willpower ~ but lack of understanding."

The workshops are at noon May 6th, 20th and 23rd. Hopefully I can provide some understanding!

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