Saturday, May 29, 2010

Between You and Me...

After a nearly year of writing these blog entries, I'm more convinced than ever that the practice of eating mindfully and healthfully evades most people ~ mainly because of the way we live.

To make a bad pun, I've found as I talk to friends and strangers, they're hungry for how to go about changing the relationship they now have with food. Over the decades since seasonal garden tending was a part of most everyone's day, we've been lured by convenience to load our grocery carts from the vast inventory of processed foods. The chemicals, along with salt, sugar and fat, have hooked us on the tastes we think make us satisfied and happy ~ not much unlike drugs or alcohol.

Most recently, it's been suggested to me that perhaps it takes being part of a larger "community" to make food preparation and eating a successful practice. There's much more to eating than just putting food in your mouth. I believe there has to be an element of ritual to make it both purposeful and healthful.

There's a benefit to "breaking bread" together, because it offers connection ~ the ultimate nurturing that we all seek!

Does it mean cooking for a lot of people?

No. I suggest you start by inviting someone to dinner.

Do it soon. See what you think!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

This is a a great idea!!!

I love your new blog design. This is the template I selected for my blog (before I re-designed it about a year ago). Coincidence??? :)

I'm off to invite some friends for dinner. :)