Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breakfast ~ A Good "First Step"

It's a tough habit to break when you dash out the door every morning and grab a "breakfast latte" at drive through. Of course, it's because there's SO much to do... no time to sit down and eat.

If you have time to do your hair and apply make-up, or sit and watch the morning news ~ you have time to eat breakfast. To take it further, if you value your body and your health, you make the time. Do it once, and it's easier the next day.

Reinforcement for that new behavior is to notice how much better you feel when you've got some nutrition working for you early in the morning!

Try this.

Make sure you have some fresh fruit ~ berries, an apple ... anything like that, some raisins and chopped nuts, and some peanut butter and oatmeal. The next morning, cook up a bowl of oatmeal (it only takes a few minutes!), then toss in some fruit, some raisins and chopped nuts, and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Mix it up and take a bite. Take a minute to savor and appreciate all the good stuff you're taking in!

Notice how you feel as you start the rest of your day. Would the word "fortified" apply?

What you've done is jump started your metabolism to start working earlier to convert calories to energy. You've also taken in a nice amount of fiber to stave off cravings for stuff that's not so good for you. You've made a choice that benefits your blood pressure, your cholesterol and blood sugar levels ~ even your mood!

Even if you don't change another thing about your eating patterns ~ make a high fiber breakfast a priority ~ a practice ~ every morning. Remember that you're doing something good for yourself because you deserve it.

Then just pay attention. Notice what changes!

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