Monday, December 26, 2011

Eat Well, Be Well ~ The Book!

For over two years now I've been writing of various approaches and insights into the challenge of eating well. I expect to be blogging for another two years about our relationship with food because there is so much to say about it!

Now I've condensed the material I feel to be most useful into a little book designed as a guide on this journey that we all share.

It's called "Eat Well ~ Be Well", and it will be posted on e-bay this weekend. It's meant to be used for both information as well as some personal journaling.  The messages are pretty simple ~ and they are presented as a daily practice, because daily practice is the surest route to real change. I also invite some thoughtful exploration of the reader's beliefs about his or her relationship with food, as well as a look at what emotional factors may need to be considered.

I welcome the opportunity to share it with you!

Happy New Year!

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