Sunday, December 18, 2011

Count to Ten Before You Bite!

It really is amazing how quickly we can eat something, without giving much thought to it.

We do everything quickly these days, and multiple things at once. That's why "mindfulness" is a relatively new concept. Now you can read about "mindful" anything!

It connotes slowing down enough to be aware ~ to pause ~ to reflect. That's not exactly a Western behavior, but it's essential that we "get it;" for the health of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

I know from experience that if I'm stressed, I'll eat more ~ maybe of the wrong stuff ~ as opposed to times when I'm more relaxed.

Maybe that's part of the function of saying a prayer (or "grace") before meals, because you're taking a moment to express gratitude for the food before you.

But since not many people do that, even quietly taking some deep breaths when you're particularly busy and doing lots of things at once, can create enough of a space to make a better choice when it comes to eating! 

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