Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eating Patterns for Our Times

These are complicated times.

For that reason, we're all seeking some simplicity. My belief is that if you can simplify eating,  other things become simpler, as well.

Just consider how much money you might be spending on food you don't need, or fixing meals that aren't that good for you. We do that without thinking while our minds are preoccupied with a roster of problems and worries.

We chomp on chips, cookies, crackers  ~ or anything that's handy when we decide we absolutely need something to eat. The question that often remains, however, is "what are we really hungry for?"

For a long time I enjoyed the pacifying, sedating effects of sugar, fat or salt when I was  feeling anxious or stressed. But now that I've incorporated heathy, fiberious fruts and vegetalbles into my day ~ specifically the apple ~ I'm feeling a lightness and a heightened sense of being. But here's the key ~ it's easier to know when I'm hungry, and define what I'm hungry for.

What this means is if you focus on getting enough of the good stuff, you won't be inclined to eat the bad stuff.

I have to say it's liberating to eat lightly, but to eat often.


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