Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Keeping Balanced in Changing Times

As I write this, it's still unknown whether the current federal budget crisis will reach resolution in Washington. All sorts of dire predictions have been offered as to what we might expect should the government default on its debts next week.

No one knows for sure what it might mean, and Americans are nervous. At a time when many people are out of work with little prospect of finding a job, on top of that, we'll all likely face higher interest rates on home mortgages and credit cards.

In a few weeks, we may not be comfortably settled in to a past routine of paying bills and going shopping. As fragile as our economy is, it wouldn't take much of a shift to change the way we all operate.

Not much we can do about that ~ but we can control what we eat.

Our priorities may become immediately clearer ~ and those would be to take care of our health and choose good food to eat. All the stuff we surround ourselves with will be quickly devalued if we don't have our health or good food.

Fortunately, it's more affordable to eat well than it is to eat junk. The reason for that is good food satisfies hunger, but junk leaves us craving more. That's probably why it's easy to consume a lot of processed food and sugary drinks during the course of a day.

The unknown is always scary ~ but if we can keep body and soul together, we'll get through it. Keeping ourselves well nourished is an important part of that.

Pay attention to what you eat. It just might be money in the bank!

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