Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eating Well is a Life Long Journey

I've talked a lot to folks about their struggle with diets. It's perpetual for so many people, because they gain and loose the same 20 or 30 pounds over aand over again, often picking up a few more pounds each time around.

It's crazy ~ you know, that repeated cycle of doing the same thing over and over again and yet hoping for different results. It takes a huge amount of energy ~ because when you're on a diet you thnk about it all the time. It's not fun because it's a time dedicated to discipline and depravation somehow with the misplaced belief that we deserve to be on this spartan course, all the while knowing we probably won't succeed anyway. We believe we won't win ~ which we equate with reaching a goal.

But eating for health is a larger picture than just losing weight. Losing weight is closely tied to how we look, and, yes, that's important.  But if we're eating to invest in our health, that's a bigger story because it continues long after we lose some pounds.

The goal here is to create an internal, physical climate that provides us with energy and balance. Eating the right foods (and you know what they are!) can do that, along with regular exercise. If that becomes your lifestyle, the pounds will go anyway!

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