Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts Before and After Pizza...

We can fool ourselves so easily when it comes to food.

That was my thought this afternoon when I stopped at Boston's Restaurant for lunch. I was hungry, and so I ordered a personal-sized pizza. I chose a spinach and artichoke pizza with sun dried tomatoes, on a crust made with whole wheat flour.

I ordered the same beverage I usually have with a meal ~ water with lemon. No sides, no appetizers, no dessert.

When I left, I'd had plenty to eat, but I decided I didn't feel particularly energetic. What would have made me feel more energized?

I had removed some of the cheese from the top because I don't eat cheese that often. There was spinach, but just a few sprigs, and artichokes, but just a few pieces. It was mostly crust.

And that was the key.

The first few pieces were delicious. And that's where I should have stopped, because what I needed was more fresh produce in the blend ~ like a few slices of avocado over a small bed of lettuce, and some apple slices!

But Boston's is a sports bar, so the strategy would have been to order a small side salad, and bring most of the pizza back in a box for later ~ as part of Monday and Tuesday lunch!

That's where planning pays off. The day before I had picked up five or six apples at the grocery store and put them in the refrigerator.

Just eating one of those before my trip for pizza would have made all the difference!

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