Sunday, August 22, 2010

Expensive Food Stop

Last week my daughter, my two granddaughters and I had lunch at one of their favorite lunch dining spots here in Grand Junction.

Lots on the menu. They do a good business.

But I found myself scrutinizing what we got for what we paid. Twenty-nine dollars was the total, not including tip. But I didn't see a lot of nutritional value in what I was served up.

I ordered an Asian salad ~ which turned out to be mostly ice burg lettuce with a few shredded veggies, some a few watercress and mandarin orange slices, and a crunchy topping. The salad dressing was sugary and super sweet. A grilled chicken breast sliced into strips was laid across the lettuce, and I opted to divide those with between my granddaughters.

So they wouldn't have needed the deep-fried tater tots or fried mashed potato "smilies" ~ or the chicken nuggets that they ordered, because they didn't eat them.

My daughter had a French dip roast beef sandwich, which she later said was twice as much as she needed. She didn't touch the mound of fries.

"Do you have a George Foreman grill at home?" I asked her.

I suggested that considering how much was left on the plates, for the several dollar tip alone she could have purchased a chicken breast, grilled it at home in the few minutes that takes, and then served the girls some chicken strips and a side of slices apples and a few chips. There woud probably still be enough for her to make a chicken sandwich.

I'm convinced that for many of us, eating out is sort of a "place holder" when we're not sure what we want to do next ~ and a very expensive one, at that!


John Linko said...


I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts, and this one makes an excellent point, especially for so many of us who are trying to pinch pennies. I've been packing a lunch to work most days, and when I do get lunch out will make it chinese takeout or something that I can make 2 meals out of for less than $7.

Thanks for your insights. I've linked to your blog in the sidebar of mine, because we all need to be smarter about what we eat, and what you're putting forward is a great local source of information on just that.

Thanks again.

John Linko

Sheri said...

Great post! I find that most often it's tough for me to find something on the menu that meets my dietary preferences (depending on a mostly vegetarian diet and allergies).

And the portion sizes are SO big, I can split an entree and still get plenty.

Thanks for your insights!