Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Centering Meal

Interestingly, as I was doing some work on the internet this evening, I was tempted to delay dinner.

But I was hungry, and I knew my choices wouldn't be as good if I waited. I had considered a new dish tonight, but I hated to divert too much from the mental track I was on.

Of course, that was exactly what I needed to do.

So I put everything aside and walked myself through the steps of preparing Spiced Chickpea Couscous. (A tip: I always keep my counterspace clear and my dishwasher loaded so I don't throw up my hands and consider carry -out!)

It didn't take long. A handful of shredded carrots and sliced onion sauteed, with some raisins, cumin and red pepper flakes added. Couscous (an African grain) is really easy to prepare ~ just minutes sitting in a cup or two of hot water (to boiling point). I ladled up the couscous into a soup bowl and topped it with the chickpea mixture, and I was done.

But here's what's interesting. I focused on the meal I was about to eat, and said a grace beforehand. A mindful prayer ~ not the rambled Catholic version our family recited at the start of every meal when I was growing up ~ but a true moment of gratitude for the nutrients I was about to receive.

There may be a lot of reasons - but I felt totally satisfied.

Lacking a sauce of some sort for the food to swim in, some might possibly feel deprived. But everything was good ~ so good that it seemed my very cells resonated with the energy I knew this dish was delivering.

My head was in a different place when I finished, and I'm still pondering all the reasons why ~


Sheri said...

It's easy to say grace from memory, but so much more meaningful to say it from the heart.

Good for you (in SO many ways)!

Paula Anderson said...

Missed your Thursday update, Sheri!