Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best Menu Picks

Eating out can be a challenge ~

Not only do you have to find the healthy stuff ~ typically, portion sizes are much too big. But I've sampled a few dishes here and there that are quite good, and I'll share them here:

Palisade Cafe ~ GREAT chicken curry sandwiches. (I sampled it last year before I cut meat out of my diet.)

The Ale House ~ Wasabi Ahi Wrap (seared tuna with Japanese horse radish!)

Java City ~ Wonderful veggie sub for just $3!!

Naggy McGee's Irish Pub ~ Quite a few healthy options over there. I recommend their Vegetable Dumpling Stew.

Since I no longer eat meat, it takes me a lot less time to scan the menu. Sometimes you just have to settle for a salad ~ but local restaurants have also gotten pretty creative in that arena, too!

I suggest carrying an insulated bag to work or in the car where you can store raw carrots, raisins and nuts ~ or some other fresh combo ~ to stave off hunger pangs when you're most likely to eat stuff that's not so good for you. It's also a good idea to carry something along if you have children in the car. It might save you a McDonald's stop!


Sheri said...

Thanks for your local recommendations and your great tips.

I'll have to try some of the dishes you suggested.

monumentgraphics said...

I agree, there are some great healthy alternatives in our local area. Dos Hombres is very accommodating for people with special needs, dairfree or gluten free options are easy to come by, as well as vegetarian. They offers a good selection of healthy Mexican food. I love the Chicken salad with salsa as my dressing, or a chicken taco and posole served with a giant bowl of lettuce, I ask for no cheese/dairy and they are happy to accommodate me.