Saturday, September 13, 2014

Food Can Be a Big Player in Surviving Cancer

Last weekend I had the opportunity to talk to a group of 15 cancer survivors at day-long retreat at the mountain home of a local oncologist.

He requested presentations on food and exercise as key factors in improving survival rates, even higher than chemo or radiation. While the traditional treatments are useful in eradicating cancer cells after diagnosis, they really aren't so successful at keeping cancer in remission ~ not like diet and exercise.

Rather than provide a long lists of foods and recipes to this group, I mainly focused on drinking lots of pure water throughout the day, and eating an apple ~ every day.

The apple has a long list of nutrients going for it, with lots of benefits for the body ~ not the least of which are improved regularity, reduced food cravings, lower cholesterol, healthier bones, to name a few.

So if that's the case for apples, why not for every other fruit or vegetable?  After all, collectively they represent more than 25,000 important nutrients that play an important role in reducing inflammation in the body.

That's really the bottom line, you know.

Inflammation comes from an acidic internal environment, as opposed to an alkaline system.

It's the common denominator for most all of those pricey conditions that deplete our health and our wallets!

Cancer cells don't do well in an alkaline setting, but they love the acidic chemistry!

So if we're eating lots of processed foods laden with sugar, fat and salt, we're feeding an acidic climate. On the other hand, if we're eating lots of high-fiber, whole foods, that internal climate can quickly become more alkaline ~ less inflamed.

Stress can kick it up,too. That's why exercise plays such an important role in making us healthier.

Eating whole foods and drinking good water sets the stage for a healthier body and a more positive outlook. It doesn't have to be a struggle. Start incorporating more of those wonderful fruit and vegetables into your diet and see for yourself!

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