Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let Food Be Your Medicine!

We're such a chemical soup!

If our interior ecology is off, we get sick. The challenge, of course, is to strike a balance. When that happens were pretty happy on all levels.

I say this because I have been reading about the effects of low healthy bacteria population in the gut, what I'm learning is the true "seat" of our health. If the bacteria is depleted, then fungus can take hold, and that can manifest as chronic sinus infections, skin problems, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, insomnia... it's a pretty long list!

Using food as medicine, you can go about replacing all that bacteria (most often depleted by too many antibiotics) with the foods that promote it and eliminating those foods that don't. Basically, what's not good is any food that's acid-forming, so pretty much all sugars and starches. Some alkaline foods are on the list, too ~ all fruits except lemons, limes and cranberries.

That leaves vegetables, cultured foods (those packed with probiotics, or healthy bacteria), some seeds, almonds, herbs and herb teas ~ and that's about it. Dairy is totally off the list. Meat is acidic, but it's allowed if it is no more than 20% of your diet.

Sounds like about as much fun as a stair master, huh? That's what I thought, but I decided to try it anyway. One week later, I have to say it's been interesting, and not that difficult.

First of all, I don't have to ask myself what I think I'll have to eat. I've subsisted on mainly baked or cooked vegetables, almonds, and eggs or oatmeal in the mornings. Tea or water are about my only drink options. I've also added a good probiotic towards a healthier internal climate.

I'm getting lots of fiber so it's filling. Also, I'm not dealing with cravings for something sweet
to eat. I'm feeling calmer and more focused ~ unlike my usual compulsive self. The post-nasal drip I've dealt with for several years now is improving.

As a result of this frugality in the kitchen, I really appreciate and enjoy those social gatherings when I eat with friends.

I'll stay with this awhile to see what other benefits might emerge. I'll do as Hippocrates suggested and let food be my medicine!

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