Sunday, June 16, 2013

We had our first Supper Club meeting for my neighborhood.

Three people showed up, including myself. We enjoyed a very large spinach salad, mixed with other salad greens, walnuts, red and green peppers, walnuts, mushrooms, carrots and raisins ~ seasoned with a homemade mustard vinigarette. Some rosemary bread and some iced tea and we were set.

We talked about our health challenges and goals. Each person had the basic belief that food can do amazing things, but came to our gathering because they felt some group support would help keep them on a healthier track.

Everyone reviewed their current exercise regime, or lack of one. Two of us are partnering every weekday to walk 30 minutes a day (about a mile and a half) about an hour after sunrise.

This coming Tuesday we will each bring a whole food dish to share, and talk further about our challenges and our progress. 6:30 a.m. will arrive soon so I'm heading to bed!

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