Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm Back!

I took a hiatus this spring. I decided I had to take time and notice how well I was "walking the talk."
I'm glad I did because sometimes when I'm saying a lot, I don't stop to notice how well I'm following my own advice.

Most of us are that way, I think. It's so very easy to spot all the areas where the rest of the world needs to improve, often the same areas we ourselves are neglecting.

There's a lot of truth in the phrase: "You spot it, you got it!"

I gained some awareness these past few months. The most valuable "aha moment" gained from slowing down and being more purposeful ~ or mindful ~ was that the more you truly nurture your body, the easier it is to make healthy choices.

Prior to that, the pace of my days was pretty ramped up, and I found that I was racing to complete whatever tick list was in front of me. I was totally in my head, and during that time the foods I was eating were more acidic than alkaline. It's the recipe for inflammation, and I found I was trying to think my way past it.

I write this because most of the time, this is how we are. We rely on thinking. I loved that arena. However, from that spot there's not much forward movement.

Instead, we have to rely on the intellect of our bodies. I found it's a pretty dependable vantage point if I'm getting enough sleep, enough water to drink, and enough fruits and vegetables.To do that, I had to be purposeful and I had to slow down.

Healthy eating truly is about residing in the moment, with one very simple question to answer every single time we make a choice: "Does this give me energy, or does it take away energy?"

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