Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Do We Do What We Always Did?

(I've taken a break while I dealt with allergies this past month ~ Now I'm back at my keyboard!)

So why is it that we choose foods, or drinks, we know are going to make us feel bad later? Why is it that despite previous experience, we continue to do what we said we wouldn't? Part of it has to do with the definition of insanity: Doing the same think over and over again, but hopin for different results.

It's the "hoping" part.

We "hope" to feel better. We "hope" to lose weight. We "hope" we'll make better choices ~ next time.

"Hoping" implies that something's going to happen without any participation from us. Of course, there may be some real physicial addictions at play that we need to recognize and be aware of.

But if we ever want to change our lives, we have to, by intention, put ourselves out there. It starts with looking closely at what we believe about ourselves.

Do we believe we deserve to feel better? That we deserve to nurture ourselves with good food?

We make the choices that we do becuase there is some perceived reward for us ~ maybe just calming uncomfortable emotions, or feeding some emotional hunger that we mistake for physical hunger.

Knowing that what we seek isn't to be found in that bag of salty potato chips is a start.  Then find something that really does nurture you and choose that instead!