Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Start With Breakfast

You don't know where to begin. You want to eat healthier, and be healthier, but you just can't engineer a system that gets you there.

If you think of it, all you really need is a "foot hold" ~ something to ground you ~ a "set point."

Make it breakfast!

Most people probably run out the door without it, cruising through a drive-thru coffee bar instead.
But taking the time to fix a bowl of cereal (preferably, sugar-free) can re-orient you to what you really want ~ and that's to nourish yourself.

Much of our day is spent responding to things, so why not begin your day from a point of control?

Eating is the one arena in this crazy world, during these crazy times, where we can have some focus, some control ~ and achieve some very good outcomes.

Just a bowl of cereal with some fruit gives you the early morning energy boost your body needs, and it engages your metabolism to start burning calories. That's why you've probably experienced that your are hungrier then, by 10 a.m. Carry some almonds with you to snack on midday to stop those cravings and level out your blood sugars. They'll also get to work doing some good things for your arteries!

Make no other changes for a week ~ but keep that daily routine. Notice the difference it makes.

From there you can figure it out. Just eat more good stuff and eat less bad stuff.

Just pause long enough to notice!

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