Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Kind Diet

I had taken some time off from writing here to finish up a book that my brother and I wrote about his journey with ALS, known by many as Lou Gehrig's Disease. It's written as a support for people who have it, and for their caregivers. I'm happy to provide copies, if anyone is interested.

Now I've surfaced again with renewed energy for writing about my favorite topic ~ FOOD!

In case you haven't heard about it, Alicia Silverstone has a wonderful book out called "The Kind Diet." Briefly, her diet is plant-based, and she does a good job of introducing a plethora of recipe options for those, as she puts it, "flirting" with going meatless.

In an interview for "Energy Times," she said she experienced both physical and mental benefits fairly quickly, and said she enjoyed a "lighter spirit" once she eliminated animal products as a food option.

I would agree. I experimented with an eight-week liver cleanse several years ago that was mostly plant-based. Some recipes occasionally called for free-range chicken or fish, but aside from that, I was pretty much just eating lots of fresh produce, drinking lots of water, and avoiding anything processed.

Was it daunting? No.

However it did take some planning.

But the pay off was that I felt great physically, and my outlook brightened.

It's true. You are what you eat, and Silverstone provides gentle guidance towards becoming a new, healthier "you."

As the title of her book suggests, what's good for you is also good for the planet!

(A note here ~ I'll be presenting a one-hour session on menu planning at the Academy of Yoga on Sunday, February 14th, at noon.)

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Sheri said...

I've flirted with going meatless for over a decade. First it was reducing and then eliminating red meat. I still eat chicken, turkey and sometimes fish, but have a feeling I could give that up too (or reduce it) if I could make sure I still get enough protein.

I'll have to check out Alicia Silverstone's new book. Thanks for the tip!