Monday, August 3, 2009

Eating Right? How's Your Energy Level?

So why is eating right so tough?

Most people know what they need to eat less of, and what they should eat more of. It's not like good food is not easy to get. But like so many of the things we do ~ or fail to do ~ that aren't in our best interests, it's really beyond just "knowing" it.

Of course, the whole eating thing is incredibly complex ~ and eating disorders abound in this country.

However, the prescription is not a simple matter of just not eating stuff (or, in the case of anorexia, eating stuff).

Dr. Judith Orloff presents an interesting point of view in her new book, "Positive Energy". She says for many people, over-eating is an unconscious attempt to buffer negative energy at work, home, school ~ or just about anywhere. She suggests that for some, obesity is like a sort of protective armor against overwhelming vibes.

An interesting proposition. That means people who are highly sensitive and atune to the negative emotional energy fields emanating from people or situations around them may head to the refrigerator to diffuse what is, for them, an energetic overload.

This, Orloff says, is why dieting often fails.

Her solution is to look to the foods that will restore energy to your cells ~ foods that have a higher energy quotient, like organic vegetables and fruits.

Here's a quick test you can apply to find out if what you eat has positive energy ~

It radiates a healthy appearance, and it is chemical and preservative-free.

It's filling, and you don't have the impulse to overeat.

Negative energy foods, on the other hand, are loaded with preservates and chemicals, often make your feel bloated, and stimulate over-eating and sugar/carb binges.

Protein is important in keeping your energy levels balanced ~ but limit portions of meat or chicken to 2 -3 ounces. Most of us eat far too much protein ~ which contributes to acidity. (Another topic for later ~)

Be sure and drink water! Six to eight glasses is as good an idea now as when you learned that in grade school!

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