Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't Worry About Rationed Health Care ~ Ration Fast Food!

There was a provocative piece in the New York Times recently examining the conundrum of rationing health care. The experts say it’s already happening. We just don’t recognize it.

True enough. Our system rations care now when people without health insurance get no care, or co-pays are too high, even with insurance. The high cost of some pharmaceutical drugs determines who can get the drugs they need. It’s all rationed by virtue of their ability to pay.

From my perspective, of course, how we eat is central to how much any of us can control. The biggest health issues ~ heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers are connected to toxic accumulations of fat, sugar and salt ~ not to mention all the chemical preservatives.

What drives it is what we as a culture believe about food ~ that If you eat enough, there’s an emotional reward that has little to do with meeting the nutritional needs of our bodies. It’s a sedative for uncertainty, depression and anxiety.

Eating is a pivotal event in the day ~ driven as much by pleasure as nourishment. It also can absorb a lot of time.

Rather than trying to put together three meals every day, I’ve found some success with grazing for the good stuff ~ meaning you eat more often ~ just in smaller quantities.

You’ll burn more calories, you’ll spend less money, and you’ll have more energy. The only thing holding you back is your thoughts. Thoughts bring emotions, and emotions seek food rewards ~ so recognize it and get past it. You’re after affordable health care!

Affordable Health Care Tips ~

Eat smaller portions five or six times a day, rather than three meals.

A hard-boiled egg or a half an English muffin with peanut butter, some fruit and a small glass of tomato juice will get you off to a good start in the morning. Even two of those options are better than nothing.

Carry some almonds, a small yogurt or a banana with you for a snack mid-morning. You could also have the other half of that peanut butter muffin.

If you’re going to eat more at any point in the day, make it lunch rather than dinner. If you want a burger, skip the fries and order fruit.

Mid-afternoon, eat a banana or drink a smoothie.

Have what used to be the lunchtime salad for dinner and add 3 oz of grilled meat or fish with a slice of bread. (Watch the salad dressing!!)

Don’t snack after 7 p.m. If TV is the culprit, turn it off!

You can adapt this for kids. If you’re going to be out in the car, just pack an insulated lunch bag with some of these options (minus the almonds if kids are small) so you resist the inclination to swing through the drive-through food stop. Instead, go to the park! You’ll save a bunch of money!

Don’t sabotage your new health care plan with soda pop! Your body craves water to do its work!

Try this out for a week. Keep some notes of what you ate and how you felt at the end of the week!

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Sheri said...

I love the tips you provided for eating healthy and quick snacks.

You said something to me once, "We as Americans live to eat...what we need to do is eat to live." I think that is great advice.

There seems to be a disconnect between what we eat and how we feel...your blog helps to create a more direct path between the two. Thank you!